What is a CBD 420 Massage

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What is a CBD 420 Massage

April 2, 2020 Uncategorized 0

If you enjoy getting massages, you may want to try a CBD 420 massage to spice up the experience. We have many escorts available to choose from who can administer massages to clients with the addition of CBD oil as the medium used to soothe the muscles. There are many benefits to CBD oil and this addition can help you relax and reduce pain. The best part is a beautiful escort will be there to help you get into the mood and react accordingly. Here’s more about a CBD 420 massage to get in you into the mood to book one for yourself!

What CBD Oil Does For The Body

You have most likely heard about CBD and the advantages people experience when using products infused with it. CBD stands for cannabinoid, and it has several healing properties to enjoy with its use. CBD is known to help you relax, both physically and mentally. CBD oil is infused with this natural wonder and gives you an exhilarating experience when used for massages. 

There Are No Psychoactive Effects To Worry About

If you are wary about using CBD in massage oil, do not fret. There are no psychoactive effects that you will be dealing with after your massage is administered. There is no THC in cannabinoids. This is the property that gives you that “high” feeling that straight-up marijuana will give to you. If you do want to experience this high, however, our escorts are more than willing to partake in some “party time” before your massage! Just say the word and preparations will be made. This is a true “CBD 420” massage…the partaking in both CBD and marijuana!

Some Preparations Will Be Made Before We Get Going

When your sexy escort gets to your hotel room or home, she’ll want to get you in the mood for the massage itself. This requires some foreplay so to speak. She will tempt you with a sultry strip tease, allowing you to view and touch her entire body. This will get things going and you then get on the bed so she can administer your massage right away.

Your Body Will Thank You Immensely

When a masseuse uses CBD oil for your massage, you’ll feel soothing sensations in the body and any pain you deal with will diminish. This is itself is exciting. But, after it get going, then the REAL fun begins. She will straddle your body and touch your back, arms, legs, and derriere. You may feel a sense of floating after a cannabis-infused session of massage. By now, you’re relaxed, but you might start to feel yourself getting excited as well. Whatever will we do with this sudden energy? Do you have any ideas?

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